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May 2019

— Everything seems setup already

— They read comments

— #ot

— Https://


Take the employees that left because they thought they could do better, started cuil, got bought by and started working back at google again, pretty much replacing their whole search engine backend?

— Let's use the #ot

— Share a C++14/17 based HTTP application framework:

— Why?

— What is the meaning of 'why'?

— Why should I share it? Why have you posted it here?

— Maybe I didn't express it clearly, you don't have to share it. I shared it here so maybe someone needs it, If sharing it is forbidden, I can remove the message

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— So true

— Lol.. I installed DWM where whole WM is configured via source code.. and its suddenly on topic xD

— Dotfiles are bloat xD

— 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂