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May 2019

— No, sonic.

— Exactly- which makes it the best practice

— Google also writes programs like Allo, Hangouts, and their failed social media platforms so...

— LoL


If google had the best programming practices, then we wouldn't need 50 languages, the argument about comments, or even this channel.

— They didnt fail
people just didnt prefer it

— They were good

— In otherwords, they failed.

— If people don't prefer something. Then it's a failure.

— And The ratio of their successful projects to their unsuccessful ones is very high

— Yeah failure is 10m downloads

— I don't have a hard on for Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. Those companies are whack, overstress their employees, and will replace you in a heart beat if you don't perform well.

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— To get into Google all you have to do is memorize a bunch of programming challenges and bam you are in.

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— Truth

— The hard truth