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May 2019

— I can agree with you

— My point is comments are important

— But languages like assembly must need well documentation

— Then again, they won't harm anyone so if it has use, don't wine about it


Writing good codes, means beginning habits of writing good code. Write good variable names. int add is very straight forward rather than int doSomethingWithTheseVariables

— Whether good var names or not

— Just check the programming used for windows. It contains more 1000 k of lines of code, even if u have good variable name it's difficult to understand what's happening and leads to confusion🤷‍♂

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— Im not trying to type all that anytime i need the variable

— They might be unmaontained leading to misleading cmt

— 😂😂

— Comments are useful if you have convoluted, or rather confusing implementations.

— Honestly

— Code don't lie , but comments do

— The coders over at ms ent tpo comüetent. Look at bsd for a better example

— Yes, but not always