Message from C, C++ talks

May 2019

β€” There is self-documented code

β€” Need a good documentation for the program, then ur life could be more easy)

β€” Linux is self documented code too, iirc πŸ˜‰

β€” 1


In jobs whenever u write a code, u need to write comments in order for everyone to understand ( whoever is looking at Ur code)

β€” Depending on how fucked up the thing you do is

β€” That's the only way to have a proper documentation. Good code and good tests/examples through BDD

β€” I always laugh at people who say β€œyou don’t need documentation for a well-written code”
> the most terrible lies of all time

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β€” You need ENOUGH but not more cpmments AND good code

β€” Code can do this as well

β€” Cmon, make a fast refactoring without documentation

β€” I doubt that yoi have written asm so far then

β€” Def print_home_screen():

even non programmer will understand that

β€” True

β€” You know for yourself