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May 2019

— After that try to write it by urself

— There's actually no difference

— Mate, we were talking about minimize the lines of code with experience

— Oh yes then its better


It doesn't matter, when you're working with 100s of people, you need to make sure your code is as readable as possible

— They're both readable

— Infact the 2nd one is more readable

— Int add(int x, int y) {
return x + y;
Makes more sense as the function name is add

— It literally shows u the return value

— Isn't there a difference, well we are creating the sum variable and allocating it 4 bytes.

And in other case nothing, so it's reducing the time complexity, don't u think?

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— Nah, it's just an example :)

— It's readable in this small code snippet, when the project gets big :(

— True, you're right🤔

— That's why "//" exists

— Yes it's the big deal