Message from C, C++ talks

May 2019

— You gotta just get it by yourself

— By looking at examples you won’t get far

— Ye, it was a bad advice(

— I am not talking about theorical things, in fact, practical, but that’ll get to you eventually if you are smart enough

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Two times I have tried for campus drive...

Both time I got rejected cause my code wasn't optimised and big😂😂

— 😂😂

— Can i write a simple and small example here for him ?

— Show us your code there

— Yah

— Bad code:
int func (int a, int b)
int sum = a + b;
return sum;

int func (int a, int b)
return a+ b;

as a simple example how it could be optimized with experience

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— Actually a logical operator

— No

— || is

— | is just bit wise

— Yeah thanks