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May 2019

— I'm already working in dart

— No need to rub this in

— Hahahaha

— 😂😂


Hey, people.
I can't find algorithm's mistake on my code.
Please help!
Input + output:
Choose kind of input:
1) User input (press:+)
2) Random array filling (press:-)
Input quantity of array's elements:
(But keep in mind that Max quantity is 100)
Input Error!

program's code:

(I'm using gcc compilier from ubuntu's terminal)

— You should use clang /runs

— /runs

— Watch out for the wall.

— Hi Every body.

— Btw what does it mean?

— /runs

— Once upon a time, there was a - Oy, don't interrupt me.

— Clang /runs

— Hello Here.. anyone know what is the best version of java to build pie ROM ??? And if java version affect 4g ??

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— /runs