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July 2018

— Tail wind isnt helping at all its just fucking up my html instead


Then repeat the process with some other excuse until either:
A) He tells you to use what you want to use
B) He gives up and tells you to make the decisions

— He uses it with laravel mix or something ;_;

— PHP detected

— I dont have control over it ;_; they love php it seems -.- tried suggesting node and they were like ahhamm ehh

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— Scss is fine, it helps

— Yes, utility frameworks do that

— Yes its awesome ❤️ but tailwind is meh meh

— Can you gimme few points why we should avoid it and why php is bad gotta convince them to dump that shit

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— How do you ask 10 databases for the same data and use the response from the one that responds the fastest?

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— Idk 🙈🙈

— Load balancers?