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July 2018

β€” Otherwise.. you are the boss, you set the rules what to study in department.


I mostly learn from certain people or frontendmasters and of course the docs. Do you know any learn platform that is nearly as good as frontendmasters?

β€” No. i just surf the internet and use MDN as reference manual..

β€” Oh okay. Sometimes I like to learn with watching courses😁

β€” Sure, some lectures on youtube

β€” If they give profit

β€” Https://

β€” Optimized parser, it still slower than greensocks

β€” You drop yours

β€” Pixels can be float numbers..

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β€” Hi everybody

β€” Why I can’t multiply 3 numbers and add then another one. For example: 0.018*100*33+100 should result 159,4 but result 159,3999999994.

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