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July 2018

— Maybe is your browser, in my browser run correctly


You can fix it with document.getElementById("total_return").innerHTML = total_return + (amount*percent*days+Number(amount));

The first parenthesis is to tell javascript the last sum is not a concatenation and the Number around amount because amount is a string and you don't want to concatenate

Or you can do a thing like: document.getElementById("total_return").innerHTML = total_return + (amount*percent*days+(+amount));

Because the (+amount) tells Javascript to use it like a number.

— No, it doesn't. It should be like this

— Works with 2th

— Really thanks!!

— 👍

— Well the parenthesis are to ensure there is no expression in the left hand of the + operator.

— And this other thing was also happening.

— Ok

— 😄

— Ye

— What do you guys consider to be the best learning resources in this department next to the docs?