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July 2018

— Its a json



["presets", ["minimial", "standard", "react"]],
["minimial", ["minimimal1", "minimial2"]],
["standard", ["subMenu", "subMenu2", "subMenu3", "subMenu4"]],

SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

— Oh i do not even need to parse

— Or stringify

— Sorry mb haha

— Yep....

— Ahh, this just failed because multiline strings aren't a thing

— Used to have it wrapped in objects when working with json

— Does anyone here have experience with inquirer - building cli's with node?

— Dont ask who. there are 3 ppl in this cabin🤤

— I've built clis without inquirer. What's your problem?

— Inquirer looks good. I wonder if I can add features from there to my own CLI framework...