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July 2018

— I am not sure if I did testing right way xD I just wrapped method calls between console time and checked time to finished calls like




and checked time for both jquery and our library.

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Did tests on all methods and they are almost 2x+ faster only css one is slow compared to jquery. XD but well I am still not sure if the way I tested is right or nah. If yes will put it on git immediately

— What library are you talking about?

— Jquery does back-compat stuff, so it will be slower. imo speed here, matters less than api use. innerText is a property, with proxy objects it can stay property, like $('.selector').text

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— Https://

— Https://

— Dont get confused xD Thomas helped me with it so I called it ours 🙈

— Yep, this is fine

— Will update git then xD

— Someone good with webpack here?

— Isnt webpack supposed to split a shared import into a seperate chunk instead of having the lib in every chunk its imported?

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— Works with preact but doesnt work with react?!