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July 2018

— You can reimplement filter using reduce, but why?


Kind of easy, if your reducer sums the numbers of the array don't add up the result and return the previous one. If your reducer adds elements to an array, return the previous array. If your reducer adds or modifies keys in an object, return the previous object. And you get it for any other kind of reducer.

Example of reducer function (prev, current) => condition ? prev + current : prev

— Hey guys i made small jquery like library for practice. it works aswell but i am not sure if i followed right approch to achieve this. or any suggestions on how i can improve it would be great help. so please check it out if you guys have minute of free time :)

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— Why you did that mini.js? do you know about proxy object existance?

— New API should base on proxy objects, imo

— This is not a Java group

— Floofies

— Hi

— Lol I work with L&T

— What the heck is L&T?

— They spammed a job position in here, it is a huge umbrella corp with lots of divisions. The one I work with that also spammed here for a Java job (lol) is L&T Infotech

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— Larsen & Toubro