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July 2018

— Stuff like running React on the server and client at the same time, pre-rendering certain pages if the server detects a slow connection or slow device in general

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Slow connections can't really be fixed this way easily (very niche to your stack) but slow devices can be, since the CPU locked work gets pushed on the server CPU instead

— Mithril is nice

— Primary function of the framework is to switch layout/page. then everything else goes.

— Yea ... Its a nice framework ..

— Wat. That's just a router. A router is an optional part of most modern frameworks.

— Show use case

— Never heard that name gotta check it :3 thanks

— Please do .. You will love how little boiler plate you will use to create your apps

— Thanks man 😎
Checked it. Looks Pretty simple and amount of code we write is way too damn less

— Your welcome