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July 2018

— Implemented lag compensation:


Hey guys..I want to pick up JS soon.
Which should I learn? Seems to be so many versions of the thing...typescript, ES6, JS Linted...😅

— Http://

— Hell Angular for me.
From what I've read about Vue Js, it's the one for me.

— Vue is nice. it's easy to learn and has loads of features!

— Angular isnt hard either

— Wat

— Angular is enterprise oriented. It has needlessly long winded ways to do everything.

— Hehe, looking at Angular code...comparing Angular to Vue is like comparing Java to Python.

— I am not comparing mate. I haven't used vue or react js. I just said angular isnt hard. And muthu said it has long winded ways yes I would agree with that. And yeah so many peeps said vue is easy to learn and is good enough. So definitely I will learn it :3 in no way I am saying angular is better or anything compared to any other framework out there xD

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— Ah no worries.

— Which one you would recommend then. Vue or react? :)