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July 2018

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— I need an help to understand a piece of code about prototype in JS. Someone who could help me?! : ]

— Share your code and ask your question

— Function RigidShape(center) {
this.mCenter = center;
this.mAngle = 0;

var Rectangle = function (center, width, height) {, center);
this.myType = 'Rectangle'; = center;
this.width = width;
this.height = height;

var prototype = Object.create(RigidShape.prototype);
prototype.constructor = Rectangle;
Rectangle.prototype = prototype;`

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— I cannot understand the last 3 rows od the code. I'm following a tutorial but I cannot get the meaning to make an object (prototype), make its constructor the Rectangles constructor and then make the prototype of the Rectangle the object prototype created

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— Do you know how prototypes works?

— I thought to know, but maybe not. I try to explain how I think reading the code.

- var prototype = Object.create(RigidShape.prototype);
Here I create a new object which is an instance of RigidShape.

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