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July 2018

— Want to do auth / login? Learn it properly, even if it takes 6 months


I guess I have seen one guy on medium he even said I dont hire guys who use classes in JavaScript 😂
I dont remember who he was but yeah I have seen such article

— Good man

— I never use them

— They just hinder stuff

— Listen to early lectures of D.Crookford on youtube, add MDN into bookmark of your browser - reference manual. select text editor/IDE (i reccomend vim), choose a self controlled project, or small aim/milestone to accomplish, go for it, configuring/googling in the way..

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— Thanks this makes me wanna try vue now 🙈

— Hi, whether here ever use rewrites historyApiFallback in webpack ?

— Great

— Please does anyone have a good tutorial on how to configure fetch with authorization headers for token and how to store it in local storage??

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— Thanksss

— Getify is also an amazing teacher with great knowledge. Subscribe frontendMasters and u will learn a lot, best resource for frontend courses IMO

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