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July 2018

— Angular has some versions and all of them are different. It doesnt have the powerful tools that reactive FWs have.

Im not an angular specialist and a person that have spent time learning it could give you a most accurate approach about its current status

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As far as I know, Angular does way more than Vue or React, so it's an "all-in-one" solution. Now this may sound nice, but it also locks you in. What if Angular's solution for X is a bad one? You can't fix it. With React or Vue you'll pick your own library / plugin to do X and it will be easily switchable

— Thank you all. The info is very important to study in aproperly way and don't waste time

— Angular isnt that bad 🙈
I am using it and its kinda good. But I haven't used react and vue so count that aswell.

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— But puts you in danger aswell right? Of choosing library which isnt good. And no doubt angular kinda locks you. But don't you think angular team must have packed everything after doing good research. Sure freedom is great thing but if newbies get everything packed which is tested and by powerful team behind it. It will save lot of time and headache for newbie.
Please correct me if I am wrong

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— Well... good research isn't necessarily good results

— There are people that swear to Java-style OOP

— Also, this is PHP's goal, and it goes terrible. Allowing newbies to create stuff before learning makes for terrible mistakes that lead to horrible security

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— Want to do auth / login? Learn it properly, even if it takes 6 months

— I guess I have seen one guy on medium he even said I dont hire guys who use classes in JavaScript 😂
I dont remember who he was but yeah I have seen such article

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— Good man

— I never use them