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July 2018

— You could start with the guide of Thomas and then learn the basics of React, Angular and Vue, all of them are good front end frameworks. After the basics I would go with the one I liked the most.
Node is very easy if you know the basics.

I wouldn’t go with jQuery right now, I would first go to the basics and front end frameworks then check jQuery, you would realize you don’t need jQuery at all.

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Dayum thanks buddy ❤️
I just saved URL in one file and imported In all components till now. But your solution is just perfect 👌👌👌

— Avoid jQuery and angular

— And decide between react and vue which you prefer

— But before learn the basics of js, functional programming, es6 functionalities, a bit of node could be nice and go with your prefered FW

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— Thank you very much. Why avoid Angular?

— Is worse than vue or react?

— Thanks!!

— Angular has some versions and all of them are different. It doesnt have the powerful tools that reactive FWs have.

Im not an angular specialist and a person that have spent time learning it could give you a most accurate approach about its current status

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— As far as I know, Angular does way more than Vue or React, so it's an "all-in-one" solution. Now this may sound nice, but it also locks you in. What if Angular's solution for X is a bad one? You can't fix it. With React or Vue you'll pick your own library / plugin to do X and it will be easily switchable

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— Thank you all. The info is very important to study in aproperly way and don't waste time

— Angular isnt that bad 🙈
I am using it and its kinda good. But I haven't used react and vue so count that aswell.

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