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July 2018

— Thanks


Some base animation timeline/sequence parser.. ready🤤

— I have really noob question my local express server runs on localhost:4100 so i use that adress to make http requests. but for deploying it on heroku i used port number from environment variable using process.env.PORT. now i cant make any requests to localhost:4100 rom my client. i am serving index.html of my client from express so how can i make requests to my express server now?😟

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— Searched on stack/google for hours couldnt find anything.

— Do u want to make requests to the local one

— Or on heroku

— Port=process.env.port||4100

— Don know if its two slashes or one .. try that

— What is heroku?

— On heroku

— I am serving my angulars prod builds index.html with deployed express server only but when i wrote code on local machine i made all my http requests to locally running express servers

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— What is heroku??