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July 2018

— To input a value by user


Oh. i dont know java. You need to make an input file with type number and you also should check if the input is a true int with checking "(input === parseInt(input))" - is that enough info or do you need real code?

— Send a short code

— In which user inputs a value and that will be printed.

— "input" from console?

— Yeah

— process.stdin.pipe(process.stdout)

— Simple echo program

— Prints whatever you enter

— Thanks

— Some base animation timeline/sequence parser.. ready🤤

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— I have really noob question my local express server runs on localhost:4100 so i use that adress to make http requests. but for deploying it on heroku i used port number from environment variable using process.env.PORT. now i cant make any requests to localhost:4100 rom my client. i am serving index.html of my client from express so how can i make requests to my express server now?😟

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