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July 2018

— It's the same as:

getAllProducts(x) {
var commit = x.commit;
delete x;
// ...


function doSomething({ foo }) {
return foo;

var myObj = { foo: 'bar' };
doSomething(myObj); // 'bar'

— This works the same:

function doSomething(obj) {

— I see, thank you

— Guys is it safe approch to send jwt as a query parameter?
for oauth2 authentication i am redirecting user from app to oauth page. then i am sending acess token to server. server verifies user and redirects to client with jwt in url as query parameter

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— Yes, you can use jwt anywhere, the only security concern is generally: WHAT data is stored in the token

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— Because remember: the user can see the data

— Just storing user id

— Good

— It doesn't matter if it's in a cookie, localStorage, an email, query param, a form, etc

— Thanks :D

— Try this
[] == false it will return true then try
console.log('what the hell')}