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June 2018

— You should try a JS framework. React or Vue. Those FWs will allow you to re-use a lot of code because the architecture is component-based.

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I am trying electrón. It's very nice, but at the end it's a simple webview. It's usage would be justified in very few cases IMO🤔

— Why i need frameworks, why not write javascript direct to php page

— Firstly, isolate PHP from JS. Mixing front-end with backend is not a good practice.

— You can use vanilla JS with ES6 or whatever you want without FWs, but like in a plain PHP app, you will be making repeated job all time.

FWs help us to write code once and use it infinite times. This happens in every language.

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— Welcome Sage!

— Cat's never hot

— Pum

— Https://

— DIY🤤

— Hello everyone!

— Hello. where you from?