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June 2018

— Https://

Let me know what you think about it. Its not yet finished


What real javascript can do for my website?

the olde days i read PHP on w3school and its really boring. but when i started make a html website, i am tired of creating header and footer over and over again.

when i searched in Google to solve thats i found PHP has include feature. so i read the PHP w3school again Only in include feature because only thats all i need.

later i create member only page. i found it again PHP can do it with mysql to store my users in database so I need to know how php-mysql work. and I search it and learn php mysql connection, fetch data, etc.. etc..

so I learn little PHP only if i need to

Now i want to do something in my site with Javascript.

i just want to know what can javascript do in my site? i know javascript has a brilliant do in many websites.

Google maps use javascript. but my sites is in video category. i mean what javascript can do with "my member only video sites" that has already write in php?

i read once about lightbox javascript. will be good for viewing my video. but what else? i am sure javascript can do a lot more fun and beatifull page than just a lightbox (i think lightbox make my video viewing more beatifull. and i want more of this cool stuff)

as this group is about javascript, do you all have any suggestions for me? even a little will be appreciated

— You should try a JS framework. React or Vue. Those FWs will allow you to re-use a lot of code because the architecture is component-based.

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— I am trying electrón. It's very nice, but at the end it's a simple webview. It's usage would be justified in very few cases IMO🤔

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— Why i need frameworks, why not write javascript direct to php page

— Firstly, isolate PHP from JS. Mixing front-end with backend is not a good practice.

— You can use vanilla JS with ES6 or whatever you want without FWs, but like in a plain PHP app, you will be making repeated job all time.

FWs help us to write code once and use it infinite times. This happens in every language.

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— Https://

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