Message from JavaScript discussions

June 2018

— Why


* Not upfront about how they make money
* Site partially broken (the table at the bottom of the site doesn't load any data)
* Default country is Kenya
* JavaScript console errors
* Free certificate
* Pretty plain express serverside, no proper error handling (try a 404 page)
* Doesn't seem to be behind a load balancer (horrible for performance and thus customer security)
* Normal VPS hosting, will it be scalable?

— Also, straight up material design and particles.js

— Seems like something that was chucked together fast, and not a larger company

— Thanks Thomas

— But ehh

— I'm pretty paranoid

— I wouldn't trust any service that gets my wallet info

— (aka my private keys)

— Ahuh

— Your concerns are noted

— Lemme work on the visible errors