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June 2018

— All of this is not new tbh


It pulled the official YouTube app and Gmail integration for WindowsPhone which was maintained by Microsoft (who wants WP without Google apps?), pulled YouTube from Amazon Fire because of competition with Amazon

— Google is evil

— Jezuz

— Install livescript) it absorbed all the good

— 😂 and these are the good parts?

— LiveScript is dead, PureScript is the way to go

— Livescript lives no matter what you think🤤 PureScript syntax is a messy.. it's like typescript, but typescript will live longer

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— To join string, for example, it uses twice more chars that vanilla js. it's worser than js at some points

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— Using two more chars is not bad or good tbh

— Doesn't say anything

— More than 2 chars, it uses <> really bad choice (because it's kind of unique). also look here:

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