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June 2018

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Search typescript class on google and u will get detailed information about private public and protected properties

β€” Open first link

β€” πŸ˜….... sorry

β€” Hi

β€” Didn't tried it. This night I will try it.

β€” Throw it in trashbin, i mean typescript🀀

β€” Hai, i can open my site from my ISP. but when I change IP (from Firefox plugin, its open)

Does my server accidentally blocked my ISP or vice versa?

I look in IP table there is nothing such as IP block

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β€” Which country is your changed IP in?

β€” Singapore

β€” FYI, I use apache mod security, but there is no such ip blocked list.

is my ISP blocked my site? but i can logged in via SSH. it means my ISP doesnt block my site, isn't it?

is my ISP only block port 80?

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β€” I can not open my site through web browser, but I can logged in via SSH putty (i am on Windows)

any idea?

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