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June 2018

— Pardon me, can you clarify the question? i only encode once per video. so yes


I thought you encode the videos in realtime - so once for every visitor. But if you dont do this, everything is fine

— No. not in real time. but still my video needs to wait longer to start bcoz the traffic. and its bad

— Limit IP not good, limit sessions

— I would suggest to implement for single user first, then think about scaling.. imo

— My videos content againts their rules, so I host my self. then another free host video sutes has ads on it. and I think they dont like ads. so i host the video by my self

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— Cloud flare? i consider it

— I will search info about this and load balancer stuff maybe i learn first

— Limit speed rate by user session?

— Sure

— No users == no scaling, keep it real

— Php has user session features. how about the the speed llimit? in php too? what function? or i combine with another language script?

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