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June 2018

— But I dont mind buy 3 machine with the same requirements. as long as it will fast


TRGWII Can’t he just use one powerful machine? Static NGINX Folder and his webapp. then he has not that much configuration

— Buy 3 cheaper machines

— No, the bottleneck is one of two things; disk or network

— And to scale those, you need multiple disks, or better network

— Right now i have 2 machine. 1 as like web server. another is for encoding. becoznI know encoding need resources to work so I buy 2.

Then I subscribe to Google Drive with similar price (around $5) because my web server run out of space to store video

The Google Drive just to save old video. not the new one.

i assume visitors 90% acces my web server to watch video at the same time then that server got to load longer than regular time

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— What do you encode?

— Of course the video. my visitors 90% from mobile. and i need to encode HD or bigger bitrate

— Oh. so you have like a video upload platform and your visitors can upload videos and you encode them for specific devices?

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— No. they just download or stream

— But why dont you encode the Videos once and save them? Do this like a queued job and run it every night when there is not much traffic on your site so nobody will notice

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— Pardon me, can you clarify the question? i only encode once per video. so yes