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June 2018

— Then you're fucked


So 1 machine for copying another machine? and serving with two of them to visitors or with one only?

— 3 machines total

— 1 as a load balancer

— 2 to run your webapp and serve files

— 😁 i dont know to react. coz yes i do this

— (In this example)

— If you do not have so much money you could use cloudflare. They can help a little bit with streaming and have a load balancer afaik

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— For my little community.

— Is there anything against uploading them to YouTube etc. and embed them?

— But I dont mind buy 3 machine with the same requirements. as long as it will fast

— TRGWII Can’t he just use one powerful machine? Static NGINX Folder and his webapp. then he has not that much configuration

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