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June 2018

— Oke i'll try


I don’t know what mp4 files you have and how long they are but you can also try to compress them. How long are they?

— About 20 minute each. bitrate 128 kbps. moov atom already Fast start with ffmpeg encoding proccess.

its smooth to download and view in direct link (Chrome in Android automatically play mp4 direct link, so I assume its streaming). But at night when my visitors all online the Straming process is has to wait around 20 seconds at start, while usually about 5 seconds to load.

so its 15 seconds to wait longer. and visitors hates to wait even 15 seconds only

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— If it's 128kbps you can probably stop looking at compression

— Do a load balancer and get multiple servers

— Yea. MP4 is streamable. 100MB for 20min is good

— Yeah, but my problem dosnt solve. do you have another suggestion?

— How many servers are you at?

— Load balancer? in php or apache conf? I am at 1G RAM and 1 CPU

— Oh god

— Use multiple machines

— Thats very poor performance