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June 2018

— How many version of php? the usuall one


The best solution to your case is the following:
1. Get new Vultur instance
2. Install debian, no Ubuntu as server, it's full of bloat, shitty configured packages etc.
3. Install nginx from mainline repo of nginx.
4. Install php from ondrej repo, preferably version 7.1 and higher.
5. Move your application to the new server.
6. Convert your htaccess to nginx directives.
7. Use the tips said earlier by Thomas.
8. If all runs well switch production to this one

— ^

— I will save it as to do list. maybe i will try. if Ubuntu has great tutorials at i think debian has too. maybe i will try all. I don't know where to start.

its a long proccess for me i think need 2 day to do it. specially i never use debian (even will be similar with Ubuntu coz people say they came from the same source)

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— Advantage: 95% of tutos which are Ubuntu only are applicable to Debian so you're safe

— I just wondering why nginx better to sends static file than apache, I mean its just mp4 file. with around 50 to 100 Mb / title. but i think thats right. i dont have to know the details

thanx all

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— Because Apache is threaded

— That's the main reason

— While nginx is evented

— Oke i'll try

— I don’t know what mp4 files you have and how long they are but you can also try to compress them. How long are they?

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— About 20 minute each. bitrate 128 kbps. moov atom already Fast start with ffmpeg encoding proccess.

its smooth to download and view in direct link (Chrome in Android automatically play mp4 direct link, so I assume its streaming). But at night when my visitors all online the Straming process is has to wait around 20 seconds at start, while usually about 5 seconds to load.

so its 15 seconds to wait longer. and visitors hates to wait even 15 seconds only

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