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June 2018

— Nginx doesn't need plugins or addons or modules to serve static files


Yeah module. but i has read somewhere that nginx has module to straight sends files directly from the disk.

maybe I am miss about this module. maybe apache has X send file module

— You mean Frickle nginx serve fs cache module

— I dont believe that you're at that level of needing such a module

— How much is the traffic on your site?

— What language is your app?

— Php

— What version

— Access. log said there is 300 uniq viewer on yesterday. I know is a little. but every night (I assume high traffict) my video direct link will slow to load at first. this happens only at night or when I post new video and I announce to my visitors in Twitter maybe they open it at the same time

i dont know actually what is wrong

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— I never check it. the Vultr say its paired with My ubuntu 16.04 (stack install LAMP)

— Because of my traffict spike at night. with apache I dont have any problem at other time.

maybe because I don't know to prevent high request video stream at the same time with many users. so I strict with the module which I think most simple solution to implement and no much write code

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— I mean what php version