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June 2018

— Webm is generally better compressed


So you will convert to nginx conf? why all af you hates apache? if apache is that bad, why still many people using it?

— Do you mean for streaming? if webm better why openload, youtube and others still use mp4?

— Because people are dumb

— Same reason

— It's fallacious to say that something must be good because many use it

— 😁

— And again, container formats don't matter

— The codecs matter

— Long story and need much to clear why, but tldr, apache was once great, but it handles static content so bad, nginx can be extremely robust with static files, nginx can is much more scalable, configurable etc

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— Yes it is. but why big sites still using it? if I serve webm and people download it? they are too dumb to ask me how to play webm on their android phones

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— Serve both