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June 2018

— Then they might be


I only use html5 video tag to serve video to users. but when the video has bigger bitrate its getting slow to load?

— Should I use these player?

— What is javascript server side? javascript is client side programming isn't it?

— Is there any article on internet talkinh about this, i had search it but not find any related one

— If you find something interesting share it here pls🤤☝️

— ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:
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— You should downscale the video on the server

— So you have a lower-resolution version

— It's both nowadays, thanks to nodeJS

— Thats true. but sometimes if many poeple play the video, at the same time, even in low resolution its going slow to start (loading).

should i limit rate per IP? maybe you have experience about this?

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— Scale up