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June 2018

— Https://


So you decided to make it alone, the whole system from back-end to front-end? then sell it, make money, become millionaire, do nothing for the rest of your life or... what?

— PS: no, it's not only SVGs

— That’s what we all want 🤔😂

— Well, i dont need money🤤 i need power & glory✨🌝😇😊

— *ironic*

— Developer survey 2018 participate & win

— I want to know the basics . and it is not public propose application like in the second link . also I am good backend developer (php, node) . but poor in the front end . that's why I am asking about this here.

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— Can you guide me ?

— I didnt do mind-map editor.. so no, i cant

— I am talking about svg and dom events (drag & drop, click, mouse dbl click ....)

— Write more details, where you have problem, describe the problem