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June 2018

— Quite old news,


If you serf youtube related to mozilla/firefox you will find out that all comments are hidden/disabled. it means that users unhappy and the team cannot deal with it.

— Hey, I want to make mind maps app with web tech . how to do it ? (using svg ?!!!)

— Mind wat?

— Google it, this is popular

— No. you explain here. im lazy🤤

— Some thing like this

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— Https://

— So you decided to make it alone, the whole system from back-end to front-end? then sell it, make money, become millionaire, do nothing for the rest of your life or... what?

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— PS: no, it's not only SVGs

— That’s what we all want 🤔😂

— Well, i dont need money🤤 i need power & glory✨🌝😇😊