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June 2018

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I made bookstore app in angular . each books description has one button at the end add to library or remove from library. So before displaying any books description I do check if that book(object) is available in array of books(array of objects) which I already have added in library. If its present in array I display remove from library button or vice versa.

Probably this isn't best approach to make something like that but my whole code ain't less than pile of shit so I just decided to compare two objects πŸ™ˆ

β€” You should probably store some book IDs and just compare those

β€” But I use data stored in those objects to render page so that I don't have to make api calls again and again :3

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β€” Store IDs in the objects too

β€” Yeah thats what I did :D
Instead of comparing whole objects I am comparing ids only

β€” Great

β€” Thanks m8

β€” Yo whats up, what a misery, Firefox + Tor == Ftorfox? why dont they just fix the debuggerπŸ˜ͺ

β€” Wait what

β€” I just serfed news, found some titles with "Firefox Tor fusion project"

β€” They want to go security way. open-source as it states want to go security way. absurd.