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June 2018

— But even if you did, you still get the benefit of preemption, so CPU bound work can be context switched as soon as anything else needs the CPU

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It’s a problem I have to figure out, unique to JS, caused by how I am doing context switching. Each kernel component reveals what I named the dispatchIterator interface, which generally take the form of infinite iterators that implicitly time-step work, and encapsulate the work so that the caller doesn’t need to know implementation details to run deferred work

— The way I have it set up now, at a minimum there are about 5 layers of these dispatchers, each adding overhead to a context switch. Each one yields, in order, until the kernel has control of V8, which means they all get dumped to the memory heap, but this gets done a lot, so there is a lot of stress on memory, which is typical of exokernels like this one

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— With the preemtpion source code pre-processor in place, I could be looking at a GeneratorFunction “call stack” which is extremely high

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— :/

— Permiisi disini ada yg paham cara penggunaan google tag manager?

— Https://

— Hi, how can easily get country iso code 2 using geolocation information ?

— Why not use IP?

— It's can be a fake ip, I don't know how to do it with IP address. Please can you explain it to me ?

— Search for GeoIP

— Guys i have array of objects when i am comparing object which is same as object in array its returning false any idea why?
ps: not using strict check

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