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June 2018

— Wrapping them in calls to the kernel would


And typically you then cede control to the kernel, but also you can shove kernel time slices right into regular event loop queue

— Meaning, they will be wrapped in code that says do this in parallel if needed?

— Yeah, the kernel has an interface

— Regular JS will still run normally?

— Yeah, nothing about the kernel changes how V8 works

— But you could also run regular js in the kernel with a scheduling mode which emulates what it expects

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— So this will be an additional API layer on top of what node provides?

— It will exist exclusive of node, but you could do that

— Hmmm...

— I have a stack in mind when I deploy it as a cloud OS, it will be vanilla V8 with an extremely tiny interface to a NodeJS process

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— NodeJS process will open the Linux kernel up to the JS kernel, and then the Linux kernel opens up the hardware to the JS kernel

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