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June 2018

— How2backtick on an iphone lol


These in opposite order, running setTimeout first, was the first example I used, but this is far more shocking and shows what is happening

— That source code is transformed in a pre processor before being run in the kernel:

while (true) {
if (NEED_SCHED()) {
yield HZYIELD;

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— So shipping off each function to the kernel will multitask between them, and with Microsoft Napa I will be implementing full concurrent multiprocessing

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— Here's how: Nope.

— I'm still wondering about this.

— I mean, would that be the expected outcome?

— All code will start running in parallel?

— Ah, sorey

— Wrapping them in calls to the kernel would

— And typically you then cede control to the kernel, but also you can shove kernel time slices right into regular event loop queue

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— Meaning, they will be wrapped in code that says do this in parallel if needed?