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May 2018

— U wat


function name() {
let a = 10;
// a is accessible here.
if(a) {
// a is also accessible here
return {
b: a // a is also accessible here

// a is not accessible here

— But if a was defined within the if block, it won't be available outside the block

— The scope of let ends whenever there have been more }'s than {'s (excluding those in string literals)

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— It was a suggestion only... hahaha, thanks for the explanation.

— Im so used to livescript.. dont ever think about var/let/const😅

— I couldn't get LiveScript working with standard node modules and browserify like imports so I gave up with it

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— Would really love to use it though

— What was the problem?

— How do you know you "love to use it" if you didnt try😎

— Well I did use it for a bit

— But enough interrogation 😂