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May 2018

— I agree that following standards for developing software is a good thing, but OOP is one of a hundred different standards

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Totally agree, and this language provides us to total flexibility to do (almost) any other paradigm.

And please illustrate me, right now I’m doing front end, with react and HOC patterns. What do you think it would be interesting to do in this scenario to use instead of/more than classes?

If you have an interesting link to read the better.

— Asking the devil how to get to heaven.

— That’s a way to see it 😂

— Http://

— Point-free, functional code

— Thanks, I will check it

— This kind of make sense with HOC patterns, thanks again

— Np

— Jeez when you say "functional" it sounds function. ive read the wiki about the term and didnt like it.

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— ?

— ..because they start covering curry functions but not the base things like scope etc