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April 2018

— Hey guys, i think i found a bug in Firefox..


Try'backgroundColor', 'hsl(200,100%,50%)') and = 'hsl(200,100%,50%)'

— First doesn't work..

— I don't get it

— It's okay

— Tell me more

— I have never seen the first way

— I've been navigating through some code and there were comment that using style[name] = val may not work for SVG elements... so i put that.. and found it doesnt work for backgroundColor but it works for color...

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— I've got a reply from guy at bugzilla, he says to use hyphen-case.. and it works with hyphen-case.. kek

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— Looking for an intermediate js developer. Nodejs -Reactjs Mongo or Rethinkdb.

— Remote job?

— No. Within Kenya. Nairobi