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March 2018

— Https://


If you have a term query for { "term" : { "tags" : "search" } } , it will match both of the following documents:

{ "tags" : ["search"] }
{ "tags" : ["search", "open_source"] }

— Will this logic work for postgres n sequelize?

— With the right schema sure

— Elasticsearch uses an inverted index schema

— Idk what the details of that are, but it supposedly allows faster searches

— Just my opinion, but i think you are thinking too much for project that not even start yet 😏

— I've already started the project. Can I chat you privately inchidi

— Yes I've that habit of over thinking the logic n when I am done accomplishing what I want. Later on I find out that there is an easier way I could have done it

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— Okay. Thanks for your help.

— What is "the project"

— Dump it into console