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March 2018

— For the category I mean


I have also seen tiered multiple selection forms for businesses, you drill down from broad to narrow terms... but it can be annoying if the business doesn't quite fit into any the terms very well

— Sounds like a job for a graph

— Yes you will need a data structure for fast tag searching

— I would use a ready-made service like elasticsearch

— It does multi-term exact queries

— Https://

— If you have a term query for { "term" : { "tags" : "search" } } , it will match both of the following documents:

{ "tags" : ["search"] }
{ "tags" : ["search", "open_source"] }

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— Will this logic work for postgres n sequelize?

— With the right schema sure

— Elasticsearch uses an inverted index schema

— Idk what the details of that are, but it supposedly allows faster searches