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March 2018

— Want my logo to stay fixed till we scroll till screen height and scroll asa we hit screen height


Like this I made it work but its hackish and isn't working properly like logo jumps up here and there

— Desktop application

— Eh, was busy. I fixed your problem🤤

— It is funny😊

— You guys are really crazy, i dont know where are you from, India probably🤤

— Norway here

— Country of send Bob people

— :3

— Thanks m8 but I fixed it xD
I will show ya what I was trying to achieve 😎

— Ye, show it, im interested

— Hey guys I've a quick question: I'm building an app where businesses can connect. But I'm still confuse in how I will structure my model. Because I want to be able to filter each businesses by it respective location and category. Any thoughts guys on how I can accomplish this?

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