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March 2018

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I have fixed position of logo till it scrolled pixel amount hits screen height and as soon as scrolled pixel amount hits screen height i want that logo to scroll up with its container but when i am trying to change its position property with javascript i am getting weird results

— Oh my

— Logo disappears or somethiung like that i just want it to scroll up asa scroll hits screen height \

— Trying since 24+ hours but can't get it what I am doing wrong

— You call it "small problem" why😅

— I think it's layout problem

— Everything is wrong. html, css and js🤤

— I am newbie
And 90% of the times newbies are scratching head over easy to solve bugs so I called it small problem.

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— Yes it is its just I am not getting what way I should tackle down it. I know there are plenty of ways. I want someone to just guide me in right direction.
Even small hint will do the job

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— I dont like spoon feeding either

— Draw page layout with boxes first.. like that