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March 2018

— Unfunny.


Hello guys please I need your advice I've been racking my heads round it all day..
I'm building a project but I'm presently the backend of the app will run using a dummy data first. Now I've created some API routes and hit them from postman. Example is POST /business/ = this is to register a new business, PUT /business/<businessId> = this is to update a new business. But my question is how do I do this API that is base on filter to get all business under a specific location using this api GET /business?location=<location>

— What is the framework you use ? and the programming language ?

— Https://

— Wont work in chrome, probably

— Hello all, I have created a module in npmjs, how to get the path from my module to the base project folder ?

- project_folder
- - node_modules
- - - - bin
- - - - my_module
- - src
- - index.js
- - package.json

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— Framework is node.js express... Language is JavaScript

— npm install /path/to/your/module ?

— No, i've tried in my module using

the result is
but i want to get path project_folder folder

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— Uhhh which path?

— In php there is $_GET . I think there is some way to get info from express request object

— I think they want to do some directory traversal into the main


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