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March 2018

— I found it in MDN


The orgs that back the group all routinely do things they slam the W3C fellows for (which the W3C stopped doing a long time ago)

— I mean.... Documentation has not been written

— Lel


Returns a live CSSRuleList, listing the CSSRule objects in the style sheet.
This is normally used to access individual rules like this:
styleSheet.cssRules[i] // where i = 0..cssRules.length-1
To add or remove items in cssRules, use the CSSStyleSheet's deleteRule() and insertRule() methods, described below.

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— I just ran it and it worked for me, I am in Chrome 64.0.3282.186

— I'll try it then

— They locked it because of "security". btw, installed firefox 59, debugger looks better.. hmm

— I'll get to that later haha, maybe we can all pitch in and even add compat tables

— XD Maybe

Add to resume:
> Contributed to MDN

— Yes due to cross origin security

— Already did when no one documented DocumentFragment features enough